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The manufacturing company ERICH LUDWIG eK, founded in 1887 by Friedrich Wilhelm Carl Ludwig, has, since 2000, been directed in the fourth generation by his great grandson Andreas Roman Ludwig.

The company is a maker of specialised cases of first class and made-to-measure format, from galley fixtures in VIP planes and yachts, to shockproof, practical and space-saving packaging of china, cut glass and silver.

Our products are handmade by experts, such as logbooks and living accessories, such as desk coverings, notepaper containers, waste paper baskets, tissue boxes in fine leather, special commissions and restorations: in addition to our individual, 100% made in Germany, range of products, such as the traditional making of jewellery and medal cases, jewellery and valuables fixtures, as well as fine document and product cases for sales representatives.

An enormous variety, numerous finishing options, detailed formats, functional, precise and classic, modern and technically perfect, all create a free choice with boundless opportunities.

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